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Member Survey: A New Name for Our Credit Union

16 Jul 2021

Member Survey: A New Name for Our Credit Union



Greetings Members,

In 2018, CLICO Credit Union embarked on a journey building on the strengths of our Cooperative to create a more modern organization. One that would offer you, our members, greater services, and improved benefits. An organization that would enable us to attract new members and allow the Credit Union to grow in strength.  An important part of that process is rebranding – Positioning us for the future. This includes developing a new name for our Credit Union.

Why A New Name?
Over the years some members of the public have developed a negative perception of the name “CLICO” that inhibits the achievement of its full potential. A new name and brand identity will help eliminate many of the public misconceptions and focuses potential members on what our organization offers rather than it’s brand name association.  This negative public perception inhibits your Credit Union from achieving its full growth potential.

Finding the right name is not easy. However, we want to get the process right and put forth a name that will make us all proud. At our 72nd AGM earlier this year, we heard your resounding willingness to participate in the process of renaming your Credit Union. As such, we are pleased to re-invite you to submit a new name for your Credit Union.

As we enter a new era of growth, ready to offer exciting new products and services to our members, this is the perfect opportunity to give our Credit Union a new name, a name that will represent our progress.

Here are some steps that will help you to create a great name:

  1. The brand personality is optimisticapproachableknowledgeable, & professional.
  2. The name must be original; one that is uniquely ours.
  3. It should represent or describe who we are as a Credit Union and how we want to be seen.
  4. It must be easy to remember.
  5. It must feel modern.

Here are some well-known examples:

  • The name can be a made-up word, for example, GoogleUber or Digicel.
  • It can describe what you do, like Food DropPriceSmart or Caribbean Airlines.
  • It can be a word that has nothing to do with your business, like AppleKitKat, or Kiss.

Please include a brief description of the reason for your name choice or its meaning.

Survey Details

Submission period – July 27th, 2021 – August 27th, 2021

This exercise is for members only.

Members are encouraged to submit name suggestions via the online form provided.

You can click the link below to enter or submit your name suggestions via the CCU Dropbox located by the entrance of the Credit Union.

Please note that the Credit Union is not bound to accept one or any of the names submitted.

We look forward to your contribution to the naming process as we move forward to the next stage of our journey together.