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Additional Forms for PEPs

Additional Information form for PEP

PEP Status

A family member is considered to be:
(a) Their spouse or common-law partner; (b) Their child; (c) Their mother or father;
(d) The mother or father of their spouse or common-law partner e.a child of their mother or father (sibling)

A close associate is considered to be:
(a) Business partners with, or who beneficially owns or controls a business with, a PEP
(b) In a romantic relationship with a PEP, such as a boyfriend, girlfriend or mistress
(c) Involved in financial transactions with a PEP;(d) A prominent member of the same political party or union as a PEP (e) Serving as a member of the same board as a PEP; or (f) Closely carrying out charitable works with a PEP

Financial Information

Other Professional Information - Board/Committee Memberships

Source of Funds

Check all that apply
Personal Savings
Sale of Vehicle
Proceeds from Investment
Employment Bonus
Sale of Property/Real Estate
Sale of Shares/Dividend
Insurance Setllement
Proceeds from Self-owned Business
Other (state below)


Spouse Information

Children Information

Child 1

Child 2

Child 3