Membership Requirements

Who can become a member of CLICO Credit Union (CCU)?
a. Persons employed within the C.L. Financial Group of Companies.
b. Employees of the Society.
c. Members of the Trinidad & Tobago Defence Force including persons employed by the
Trinidad & Tobago Defence Force.
d. Bona-fide members of any organization or any individual approved by the Board.
e. Relatives of (a), (b), (c) and (d) as defined in (1) (a) (ix) above.

Application Process
• Complete the Application form for membership.

Documents Required
• Two (2) forms of valid photo identification:
– National Identification Card
– Drivers Permit
– Passport
• Electronic Birth Certificate (will only be accepted once accompanied by National Identification Card or Passport)
• Proof of address (In your name, no older than 3 months):
Utility Bills (e.g. W.A.S.A., T&TEC, CABLE, ETC.)
If proof of address is not in your name, then a completed Proof of Address Authorization letter along with copy of proof of address and identification of the person whose name appears on the proof of address.
If renting kindly include: Copy of Identification from Landlord, letter from the Landlord stating you are a legal tenant and/or a copy of the Lease Agreement.
• Bank Statements

Membership Fee
• $10.00

Proof of income
• Employed persons
Job letter not older than three (3) months old and Pay slip not older than one (1) month

• Self-employed persons (Items above plus)
– Certificate of registration
– Notice of Address of the Business

– Statement signed by a Sole Trader outlining:
– The core business activities
– The average income received from the business monthly
– At least three (3) references or clients of the business
– Last three (3) years financial statements or management accounts or three-year estimates of income for self- employed persons and businesses which have been in operation for less than three years. Self-employed businesses in the absence of financials, bank statements for the last one to three (1 – 3) years evidencing income/funds, or any other proof of business income as deemed necessary by CCU.

• Pensioners
– Letter of notice from institution issuing pension entitlement and Pension Slip not older than one (1) month or Bank Statement demonstrating at least three (3) months of pension deposits.

• Unemployed and Adult Students 18 years & over
– Completed Membership Form
– Two (2) forms of valid picture identification (National Identification, Driver’s Permit, Passport)
– Completed Parent/Guardian/Spouse Data Form
– Letter from Educational Institution confirming acceptance/attendance.

• Foreign/Non-Residents (items above plus)
– A Character Reference Letter from your Primary Foreign Financial Institution (This must be an original letter addressed to CLICO Credit Union).
– Completed W9 (if applicable)

Minors Membership Application
• Under the age of 18
– Completed Membership Form
– Birth Certificate and Picture Identification, e.g. Passport (if available)
– Two (2) forms of valid picture identification of parent (National Identification, Driver’s Permit, Passport)
– Proof of address of parent (utility bill or bank statement not older than three (3) month)
– Completed Consent to Open Account for Minor Form (If member opening account on behalf of minor is not a parent)

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