Clico Credit Union

60th Anniversary Gala

30 Sep 2006

On September 30, 2006 the President, Directors and Staff of CLICO Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited hosted the Credit Union’s 60th Anniversary Gala at the Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre, La Boucan Room. Feature Speaker for the event was Ms. Ingrid Lashley, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Trinidad and Tobago Mortgage Finance Company Limited. The theme of her Address was “Where Small Dreams … and Big Dreams … Connect”.

” It’s been four years, and the annual cruise is a much-anticipated event in the CCU calendar. “

Among the specially invited guests were the High Commissioner forCanada, His Excellency Howard Strauss and Mrs. Strauss, Ms. Burdette Williams, representing Virtual One Credit Union of Canada, (Ms. Williams also brought greetings from the President of Virtual One Credit Union), Brigadier Edmund Dillon and Mrs. Dillon, Brigadier Carlton Alfonso, Archdeacon Steve West and Mrs. Valerie West and Mr. Charles Da Silva representing the Financial Institutions, Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago.

The evening had several highlights, which included the honouring the pioneers, long standing members of the Credit Union and long service awards for members of staff. The event was also used ot launch the CLICO Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited’s Hall of Fame.

A full list of honourees and awardees are provided in this section. His Excellency, Mr. Howard Strauss assisted by the Credit Union’s President, Louis Andre Monteil, unveiled the Credit Union’s new logo.

Entertainment for the evening was provided by the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force Steel Orchestra, Mr. Frank Callender on the Keyboard and the Malick Folk Performers (dancers)

East guest received a memento for the occasion, a beautifully packaged booklet containng the history of CLICO Credit Union.

After the formal ceremony, guests were ushered to the Savannah Terrace where they enjoyed a mouth watering cuisine while being further entertained by Mouyene, headed by Chantal Esdelle.

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