Clico Credit Union

CLICO Credit Union's Hall Of Fame Unveiling

8 Aug 2007
On the Morning of the 8th of August 2007 a ceremony was held at CLICO Credit Union to unveil our very own Hall Of Fame. It compromises of our four inductees Mr. Cyril Oswald Monsanto ( Founder and 1st President of CLICO Credit Union ), Mr. Andre Renie ( 6th President), Mrs Beryl Ismay Jones-Gooding (Immediate Post Secretary/Manager) and Mrs Millicent Waldropt – Stoute (Board Director 1966-1972: 1977-1992 ). Reinventing the entire image of our lobby area, it serves to pay homage to those inducted for their contribution.
Present were Mr. Andre Renie and Mrs. Millicent Waldropt-Stoute to accept this token of appreciation. Mr. Renie known as a dynamic leader in his time and Mrs. Stoute known as a caring, loving and understanding individual both contributed unselfish and noble acts that helped the Credit Union grow from stength to strength. They also made it clear that CLICO Credit Union is indeed an organization that invests in it’s members and provides for positive self development.
The Morning concluded with breakfast being served and joys and many more thanks were expressed by other members of the board or directors and staff members. A great honor it was to have another moment in history at CLICO Credit Union. It is one moment of many more to come.