Clico Credit Union

Know Your Customer Compliance Notice

7 Feb 2014

CLICO Credit Union is required under the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Laws and Regulations to identify all of our Members by name, address, occupation, nationality, valid Government issued identification (ID Card, Driver’s Permit, Passport) and any other relevant information.

 Our Business Members are required to provide Certificate of Articles of Incorporation/Continuance or Certificate of Registration of the business entity, information on the identity of Directors, Beneficial Owners, Shareholders and any other relevant information.

All members are required to state the purpose of the proposed business relationship/transaction and the source of their funds. Members may be asked to provide proof of purpose of loans and the proceeds of loans may be paid directly to the purpose stated.

CLICO Credit Union urges Members to:

  • Provide us with the required information and supporting documents for new membership accounts.
  • Provide the relevant information to facilitate updating/verification of our existing records.
  • Advise us when any changes in personal information occurs.
  • Cooperate with our representatives as they seek to ensure that we satisfy the Regulations/Laws.

We look forward to your continued support and cooperation.