Clico Credit Union

New Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System Installed

8 Apr 2006

CCU has introduced the IVR to enable its members to make enquiries and access information on their accounts as follows:.

  • Balance Inquiry on all Accounts
  • Interest Rates
  • Loan Repayment Calculations

How does it work?

First the member calls the Credit Union’s office and a PIN number will be assigned to him/her. The member will then be directed to the IVR access number. On dialing the IVR access number (627-4800) the member would then be presented with the Main Menu as follows:

1. Audio Response 3. Business Hours/Location; 9 End Call

If option 1 is selected the member will then be asked to enter his/her account number followed by the pound sign.

The system waits for a response and then proceeds to tell the member to enter his/her password, followed by the pound sign (Password is your PIN number) Each member is assigned a PIN number.

To find out more about the IVR, be sure to contact us.