Clico Credit Union

Road to Homeownership: A Virtual Session

18 May 2023

Are you considering buying a home? As a valued member of CLICO Credit Union, we want to support you in achieving your homeownership dreams. That’s why we’re excited to invite you to our upcoming virtual session, Road to Homeownership facilitated by Anna Maria Aleong, an expert in the field.

Join us on May 24th for an informative session on the basics of mortgage financing, understanding mortgage rates and terms, and how to qualify for a mortgage. We’ll also share valuable tips for first-time homebuyers and answer any questions you may have.

Session Topics Include:

  • Understanding Home Financing: Property Cost, Valuator Fees, Legal Fees, and Insurance
  • Unpacking Homeowners Fees: What You Need to Know
  • Navigating Vendors: Who to Trust and Why
  • Preparing for Your Home Purchase: Required Documents Checklist
  • Decoding Residential and Building Approvals: What You Need to Know
  • The Role of Your Real Estate Agent: How They Can Help You
  • Investing in Real Estate: Benefits and Key Considerations

This session is perfect for young earners looking to save towards a mortgage down payment, middle-income earners looking to invest in a new property, or anyone interested in purchasing their first home.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights and knowledge about the home-buying process.

Please register today by filling out the form below.

We look forward to seeing you at the virtual session!