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TTR Theodore Inter-Battalion Football Competition 2022

26 Jul 2022

TTR Theodore Inter-Battalion Football Competition 2022


CLICO Credit Union would like to congratulate Team “Special Forces Detachment ” (SFOD) on winning the TTR Theodore Inter-Battalion Football Competition 2022!

CLICO Credit Union and the TTDF have a longstanding relationship that spans over 44 years and we continue to build on that alliance, not only in the provision of financial services but also in partnering with the TTDF by showing support for these types of events.

Sunday, July 24th, was no exception. CCU was present at the Arima Velodrome to support the teams competing in this tournament and we were proud to sponsor four (4) individual and team hampers along with the 1st Place trophy.

Mr. Holland Bronte Tinkew, CLICO Credit Union’s CEO, was present with his team to provide insight into CCU’s products and services to current and potential members in attendance.

CCU’s President, Mr. Ashraff Ali, also in attendance at the final games, in his remarks to the attendees, highlighted CCU’s commitment to its members and the success of the TTDF satellite office located at the TTDF Headquarters. He continued by recognizing the performance of all the formations and the finalists. He commended their comradery during the tournament and also congratulated the TTDF on hosting such an event.