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Floods. Fires. Burglaries. Thinking about the worst that could happen to you is never pleasant. But with the right insurance in place, you can protect the things you love and eliminate some of your worries. Buying insurance is like buying anything: you want the best value for your money.

CLICO Credit Union is a licensed Agent of COLFIRE and can service your General Insurance needs.

COLFIRE, our sister company of the C. L. Financial Group is a premier General Insurance provider in Trinidad and Tobago since 1957. They provide a comprehensive range of General Insurance coverage for the following needs at competitive rates:

  • Motor (Private & Commercial vehicles)
  • Property (Building, Contents, Computer)
  • Liability (Business, All Risks)
  • Travel (Regional and International)

CLICO Credit Union is now in a position to service all your insurance needs as an Agent of COLFIRE for Policy Renewals and New policies. In addition, CLICO Credit Union members are entitled to a 20% discount as one of three discounts on their motor insurance premiums.

Other Discounts

Other discounts being offered on motor vehicle insurance include:

 40% OFF including your No Claim Discount

Baby on Board (4 years & under) 20%
20K (distance between your home & work) 20%
Republic Bank Credit Card (premium must be made via card) 20%
Female Driver (this discount applies for new vehicles) 20%
No Claim Discount for Comprehensive Cover (discount varies each year if no claims are made)65%
CLICO Policyholders 15%
CLICO Credit Union members 20%
Other Policy (if you have other insurances with COLFIRE) 15%
Anti-theft device (approved devices by COLFIRE) 10%
Female Driver (applies to Third Party Fire & Theft/Third Party) 10%
Renewal Discount 10%


Unlike motor insurance, insurance is based on the value of the property, and only one discount is applied to the premium.


Travel insurance is based on the duration of the trip and varies according to the destination.


This is based on location, and type of business, and the premium is calculated accordingly.

Premium Financing

Premium Financing is a service whereby CLICO Credit Union pays the insurance for you: Motor, Property, and Liability and offer an easy repayment period of 10 months via Deduction Order or Bankers Order.

We urge you to take advantage of this new service as we are happy to serve you, our valued members!

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