Clico Credit Union

The Diamond Jubilee Loan

Achieve Your Financial Goals in 2022!

Loan Details
•   Get up to a $75,000.00 loan
•   For up to 75 months
•   At an interest rate of .75%
•  Minimum loan amount of $30,000.00
•   Members would require at least (3) consecutive monthly contributions towards their shares.
•   A minimum share balance of $5,000.00 is to be held as collateral.
•   10% of the loan proceeds to be retained on shares.
•   A minimum monthly share contribution of at least $300.00

Required Documents:

  • Job Letter (with in the last 6 months)
  • Payslip (most recent)
  • Valid scanned ID and one other form of ID (DP, PP, ID, or Birth Certificate)
  • Proof of address (must be in member’s name or letter /form signed by named addressee

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