Loan Rates

All interest on loans are calculated on the monthly reducing balance

New Vehicle Loans 0.70%
Local Used Vehicle Loans 1%
New Commercial Vehicle Loans 1%
Roll on Roll off Vehicle Loans 1% – 1.25%
Share Loans 1%
Share Loans (within Shares) 0.70%
Share Loans (with existing interest rate of 1.5%) 1.5%
C.A.SH (Cash and Share) Loans 1.50%
Premium Finance Loans 1%
Debt Consolidation Loans 1.50%
Seasonal Loans 1.5%
Golden Hat-Trick Loan 1.5% 
EA$Y 35K 1.5% 
Young Professionals Education Plan Loans 0.65%

Please note any loan type being refinanced retains its existing rate.

Rates are subject to change without notice.