Clico Credit Union

Dividend Disbursal Notice

24 Jun 2020

FAQs about the 2019 Dividends:

1. Can CLICO Credit Union have a virtual meeting in place of an AGM to ratify dividends?

No. Currently, our Bye-laws require that a quorum of members (which is 50) be present for an AGM to commence and for voting to take place. The Bye-laws do not acknowledge/allow online meetings at this time.

Our Bye-laws cannot change unless ratified in an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.

2. Why can CCU only pay 75% of the dividends?

The Commissioner for Co-operative Development who governs all Credit Unions within Trinidad and Tobago has advised that a maximum of 75% of the total dividends can be disbursed to a Credit Union’s Membership in the absence of an AGM due to COVID-19.
The remaining 25% has to be ratified by the membership as soon as an AGM is legally permissible.

3. When is the next Annual General Meeting?

Due to the nation-wide restriction on public gatherings (a maximum of 25 persons) that is currently in place, CCU cannot hold an AGM with its required quorum of 50 members. Once these restrictions have been lifted a date for the AGM will be chosen and the membership will be informed via all channels.

4. When can we get our dividends?

CCU is currently awaiting feedback from our governing body, the Commissioner for Co-operative Development, on the approval to remit the payments. Once approval is received, CCU will disburse funds to its members and advise accordingly.

Please email us at if you have additional questions or concerns.