Board of Directors and Statutory Committees

Meet Our Leadership Team

Welcome to our Credit Union’s Board of Directors and Statutory Committees page. Introducing the dedicated individuals who guide and oversee the operations of our Credit Union. From our Board of Directors to our Supervisory and Credit Committees, each member plays a vital role in ensuring the success and integrity of our organization.

Board of Directors

Ashraff Ali – President

Natasha Pettier – Vice President

Natasha Johnson – Treasurer

Marcus Girdharie – Secretary

Fred Vidale – Asst. Secretary

Andrew Bates – Director

Jean-Marc Griffith – Director

Makini Cuffie – Director

Michelle Wallace – Director


Alicia Gift – Alternate

Ceron Richards – Alternate

Supervisory Committee

Name Position
Chesterfield Sealy Chairperson
Afeisha Burke Secretary
Analdo Russell Member


Name Position
Shannon Park Alternate
Tameika Mungro Alternate

Credit Committee

Name Position
Darlene Chapman Chairperson
Gleason Garraway Secretary
Brandon Deane Member
Kelvin Clarke Member
Cindy Emamdie Member


Name Position
Vanita Pooran Alternate
Joel Gonzales Alternate

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