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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does A Credit Union Work?

Your credit union is simple!
We invest your money into common funds.
You elect your members as directors at Annual General Meetings to manage your funds. Lend members money from your funds You are charged interest on loans acquired. Interest earned and profits from investments is your credit unions’ income. The Board of Directors along with the General Manager pay the cost of running your credit union with the credit unions income. After operational expenses are determined, DIVIDENDS are distrusted to members in good financial standing with the credit union.

What are Dividends

Dividends are a sum of money paid annually by the Credit Union to its Members out of its surplus. This means to say once the expenses of the credit union are met, additional income is distributed to its members. Dividends are paid on all shares which were fully paid up during the financial year to which the dividend relates. Shares which become fully paid up during the year and shares withdrawn during the year shall be entitled to a proportion of the dividend.

What is the procedure for dividend distribution to members and how soon after the annual general meeting can it be expected?

Dividends are credited to members’ accounts and are accessible the following working day after the Annual General Meeting.

How do I apply for my Dividends?

You can apply for your dividends by logging onto your account via our online banking website or using CCU’s Mobile Application and perform a self transfer from your dividend account to your other credit union accounts or to your bank

If I don't collect my dividends, where will they go?

Your dividends will remain on their dividend account for three (3) months from the disbursed date. After which, it will be automatically transferred to your share account. If
you wish to have it transferred sooner, please logon to our Online Banking site at, click the transfer tab and transfer the funds from your dividend
account to your account of choice, using the self-transfer option.

Does the Clico Credit Union provide an ATM Card?

Clico Credit Union has partnered with LinCU Ltd who, through First Citizens Bank, offer our membership a LinCU Active Debit Card. This card is a reloadable debit card. The
Cardholder simply loads funds via their Credit Union onto the LinCU ‘Active Card’ and is free to spend anywhere in the world.

After Submitting an Application for a LINCU Card, What is the wait period for receiving the card?

Receipt of card takes approximately 10 working days.

What is CCU E-Branch and How do I Sign Up for it?

CCU E-Branch is our online platform that allows Members to have 24/7 access to their accounts. With E-Branch you can apply for loans, Request Funds, View your accounts and transfer funds. To sign up simply go to .

What are the entitlements of beneficiaries upon the death of a member?

If the Member has nominated a beneficiary listed on their account, the beneficiary is entitled to the balance in the Share and Share Deposit accounts up to $50,000.00
after the liquidation of loans if any. Amounts in excess of $50,000.00 are due to the estate and can only be obtained via probate of a will or letter of administration.

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